How to do a look book for a small start up fashion brand

Small budgets, large ambitions = a hustler photographer.  Don't panic and buy loads of wine for post production.  First, get hired!

Second, talk project details. Find out what kind of services they need.  Do they want a photographer to execute their creative direction OR do they need someone to help them realize their visual dream?  Production (find models, stylist, MUA set timelines, keep them organized on the project)? Location scouting? Get it all added up so you can give them a correct $$$$$$ for your services.

Third start executing.  In this particular situation I had the pleasure of doing it all.  Therefore my execution included models & location scouting, finding the stylist assistant and MUA (call up all those networking buddies - you must be networking).  After collecting all your parts present your lucky finds for their final approval.  Make sure they love all of it and understand the outcome each part will do to strengthen their final vision.

Get organized and ready.  Double check your team by sending out a call sheet with timetables, location and contact info.  Line up all your supplies the day before and get some serious shut eye. 

Day of - have fun and make beautiful photographs.  No matter what happens stay calm and positive.  No one wants to EVER work with someone who panics under pressure.  AND it's your job to set the tone and keep up the vibes.  Even if the model is late or the MUA isn't delivering getting angry can kill your day.  Keep the day moving firmly but with a smile. 

Last, make sure to follow up and deliver on your timelines.  Be generous with yourself. UNDER PROMISE and over deliver.  Surprises, positive ones, make you memorable for the next project or referral.  Getting feedback on the results of the project for the client isn't a must but it can improve your skills and understanding for future projects.  Plus your building a great relationship with the client for future projects.

Extra last - Put up your proud work for all to see.  Real time progress is not only good for business but good for your artist soul.  Share your vision!

This look book was for Octavia Clothing, a new fashion brand on the horizon.  I worked with TWO MGMT in LA and SMG Models in Seattle to book these lovely ladies for a half day together.  My MUA Barbara, that I flock to for a major projects in LA, helped me find El Matador Beach in Malibu for this location and set the visual tone for each girls look.  She's such a professional I lean on her to help make the face pallet decisions.  Sherah the Stylist Assistant (from New York holler!) was instrumental in keeping the clothes/look/brand feel together and the girls dressed in a timely manner. Production Strategy:

two planning days, one location scout day, four hours total for hair/make-up/travel/shoot time (I don't recommend this), half day of post production

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