Year Book Project - Exercise that trigger finger daily

Every day in order to make sure my legs and ass look absolutely stunning (we have some work to do on that dream still) I get up every day and stretch, run and werk it.  Imagine if we took our exercise routine that is meant to better ourselves and applied that to something we want to be good at.  Dedicated hours each day to improving, experimenting, practicing on that job, career or craft I want to be a bad ass at.  I'm talking JUST PLAYING around with the intent to master our crafts. 

Last night I watched "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" and I went to bed on the verge of exploding.  His whole take on his career as the best sushi chef in the world is pretty simple.  Find something you love, work hard to master it and be your best.  And your best is something you don't achieve until the end.  Meaning you climb everyday no matter how many magazine covers you appear on, how many clients you accumulate, how many followers on Instagram you con ;)  He is a 3 Michellin Star Sushi chef (the first one) and this 85 year old man quietly states he is still not at the top. 

Now this degree of self criticism is not exactly everyone's personal philosophy.  However it is chilling and agreeable moving the concept of personal competitiveness he inspires through his simple and humble approach to always ALWAYS working on improving or evolving.  Can you imagine being satisfied with always trying to make something more beautiful, safer, more efficient, more compelling....  Actually finding joy in not ever feeling "retired" basically.  LOVE.

We exercise to improve.  SO IMPROVE on all parts of your life that you choose to focus on always.  Whether that is ONE life thing or many things or you are a multiliker of things, do your best work constantly a step above the last time.  It takes courage to step into the dark ahead. 

Habits are a great way to achieve this state of mind.  Therefore a habit of taking photos every day is a pledge.  I've tried it in the past but I often make excuses or I let other priorities draw me off this pledge.  Committed.  And to commit means I need to get up and look for inspiring things or be in amazing places or find amazing people to photograph.  See ya later box.  I need to get out of the comfort zone for this challenge.  Here are this mornings photos from Donner Lake.  I took 28 raw images working hard to not overtake but carefully think out each image. I chose 4 from there and one to work on diligently.   Forced my friend Rusty to run out and drink his coffee on the dock to compose this with some degree of meaning.  Adding a human element that is personal to me. 

 The Sip

The Sip

This is not easy.  But if you frame your state of mind into enjoying the challenge, and loving both the ups and downs this will be such a great adventure.  Go get em tiger.

The other 3 selects I liked but didn't find as striking as the first.

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