Part of my Life is a style blog

I had to get out some of the ideas in my head.  Plus "waiting" around to build fashion portfolio work didn't seem like a good option.  When you have to take bottom of the barrel work sometimes that isn't the work that shows off your best vision, abilities or final images.  Under the advice of one of my mentors in photo life I started making my own shoots happen.  Thus a few years ago Rapture & Relish blog was born.  I had no idea what I wanted to do with it other than let it be my own work outlet.

Those personal shoots tested where my head and my skills were at.  They answered questions like "am I really into this kind of photography for the right reasons" and "do I LIKE being a fashion photographer" and what does that actually mean.  It's been a grueling 2 year experience that I've both loved and hated the responsibility of. 

Today the blog has literally evolved so many times and, of course, is about to again.  BUT here is an example of some of the fashion/style sessions that I do as an outlet on that blog.  For future, it's important to note that the blog's 'brand' is about to change again next month and these "style sessions" you'll see here instead:) 

When someone asks me to shoot a jacket just for the hell of it - Here's what I come up with.  Paige (the model), a dessert sunset in LA, an extra photog (Mark Eps) making it easier and voila.  I make up a scenario about the woman in the jacket, how she feels and how to express that using light, wind, her expressions all framed within my mind.  

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