The WILD Baja Road Trip - for the holidays

The Highlights:

1.) My boyfriend’s dad the morning of our trip at 5am, told us not to come down.  It was a hellfire of rain storms, roads were washing away, they were trapped in the compound.  It wasn’t safe….. So of course we started down.


2.) I make my boyfriend stuff our cash in the Oreo box and my Tampon box to avoid being taken by rogue cops.

3.) Day one afternoon: We meet a legless man named Coco selling beer and a good time off the highway on a Texas chainsaw massacre type ranch.

4.) Morning day two: I got us pulled over by the cops on the way down because I insisted on stopping to take photos of the sun rise IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. (see photo)


5.) Afternoon day two: We decided to take the dirt road option from San Ignacio (which isn’t on google maps) and have the time of our LIVES deciding how we would drink the stashed tequila when we got stuck in mud, stampeded by wild horses or held hostage.  Not only did my DRIVER pick a very different road than he thought (aka lost), we had to stop and fill IN the road at one point due to missing a thing called “matter”.  I highly recommend this route.

6.) Day two San Juanico (our destination): I stood up on my first surfboard!!!

7.) Day three in San Juanico: Mr. Dad Kellogg takes us fishing and the motor cuts out in the middle of the Bay.  No paddles.

8.) Day five in San Juanico: Mr. Dad Kellogg (whom I’ve now started calling Dr. Kellogg) takes us fishing elsewhere. An hour later the car is stuck in 2ft mud middle of no where.  (see photo) Notice a trend?


9.) Same day in 2ft mud:  I’m helping dig out the car with my hands and I dig up a scorpion.  Surprised the hell out of us both.

10.) In an attempt to hang with the locals my boyfriend and I secure an invitation to the town New Years party at what is called the Saloon.  We then proceed to get pre-sloshed with Dr. Kellogg and his woman and show up as the only white people.  Needless to say Happy Bobby’s dance moves were something they’d never seen before and after offending the town and all neighboring towns we left shortly after midnight. Happy New Year!

11.) Day one road home: We took the paved road back only to learn Mexico has raised gas prices prompting a protest of gas stations closing. We better hurry.

12.) Morning two road back 6am:  Shit gets real. Apparently protesting gas in Baja means FORCING the gas station to close and blocking the whole damn town via human chain and cars.  Good thing we filled up the night before. #totallyfuckedotherwise

13.)  12 hrs, a bag of churros and “Ready Player One” book on tape later the United States let us back in.  SUCKERS.


Road tripping Baja is safe if you’re prepared with the right tires, an adventurous attitude and have loads of book on tape and snacks.  If we weren’t in a hurry to meet family for the holidays I would have made the two weeks a snail crawl of photos, hiking, taco stand hopping, Sea of Cortez camping and fishing.  However San Juanico with its gloriously long surf, and charming town of locals and gringos was a Christmas dream.  Packed with artists the town has hidden charm if you take the patient and respectful time to look.  As always I recommend walking, watching and asking loads of questions.  It’s a stunning road trip.


Most pictures shot on a Sony 7aII and some with an iphone 6

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