Hello and Welcome to my Own Editorial

I've always wanted to brainstorm, produce, shoot and write my own content.  Recently, after reading "It's What I Do: A Photographer's Life of Love and War" by Lyndsey Addario, I've decided to pick up what I originally fell in love with; taking photos for the pleasure of it.  Or personal projects.

The past year has been full of chasing jobs.  It's been about what my clients are looking for.  Constructing their visions in a commercial capacity.  Which, the high at the end of a successful visual product shoot or campaign is unparalleled.  I love you all.

But there is a difference between the photographer that just shoots their jobs and the photographer that shoots jobs AND EVERYDAY.  Playing, practicing, exploring.  And this includes brushing multiple topics, current issues, community, cultures.  The possibilities are endless.  So this may not showcase a particular style of content.  YET.  It's not a women's magazine, fashion, food, travel or any of those focuses I'm told are what make your career solid.  It's editorials and updates, behind the scenes and long walks in weird places.


Summer WilsonComment